Q: Is it easy to find you?
A: Yes, very easy if You write down our phone number, address and intercom code. Even if You will not find the entrance (“ladder”) number six in our large courtyard, You can always call and we will pick You up. But if You do not write it down, You will not reach us. Then it is necessary to look for the nearest Internet spot and watch elrooms.com or Your email.

Q: May I check in early – say, at 6 am?

A: Yes, You can settle in the room before the standard check-in time (2 pm) provided there are no previous guests there. But even if the room is occupied yet, You are welcome to El Rooms. Leave Your luggage here in the office space and go to walk (or to work) without bulk things, till the room will be released and cleaned. Just let us know beforehand the approximate time of Your arrival.

Q: May I stay in the room till the evening of departure day?

A: Yes, if the room has not yet been booked for the day, providing timely release if another booking will come. In any case, we can offer free storage of Your belongings in the office till the evening. And If You want to fully enjoy the stay till the end of the day, we can close it for reservations, but then You should pay half the daily price.

Q: If I decide not to come, should I report this?

A: Yes, it is desirable to do so as soon as possible, for others can book the room and we do not wait in vain. If you have booked through another website You should not contact us, just make the cancellation at it and we will get an automatic confirmation of cancellation. Please do not worry about money – the cancellation does not entail any obligations for You.

Q: Do you really work 24 hours a day?

A: Yes, any time, even at night, You can contact us. Surely, we do not sit in the office around the clock, but in any case we are at the phone and ready to promptly resolve Your problems.

Q: Can we return late at night?

A: Yes, You are free in moving. You will receive Your own keyset to went in and out at any time.

Q: May I smoke?

A: Yes, but only outside on the stairwell. If You will smoke or burn incense in Your room, even with the windows wide open, then even a week later the space will be not fully suitable for non-smokers.

Q: How noisy is the place in the heart of the city?

A: You’ll be surprised, but despite the proximity of the bustling Ligovsky Avenue (150 feet), the sound is significantly weakened by good configuration of the yard. Even with open windows the car noise is considered as a rather distant. Frankly speaking, the only bothersome thing sometimes can be the noise of voices, because not only children like the playground under our windows. In this case, to close the window is the radical solution.

Q: Is it safe to approach the house?

A: Even in the dark time, yes. The yard is well lit, it has no gate and curved passages, the entrance is well seen from the avenue and not far from it.

Q: Who are your guests?

A: Basically, we were visited by our compatriots with tourist and business purposes from different cities of Russia – from Petrozavodsk to Khabarovsk. More rarely come Westerners. All the guests, without exception, are honest and friendly people, no claims were presented to them nor from us, nor from other guests.

Q: What other free services do you provide?

A: Free taxi call (not the taxi drive, sorry). Information search on the Internet, files copying. Connecting to WiFi, if You have an appropriate device. Library. Mobile phone (You pay only for outcoming calls by local tariffs). Bike rental. Utensils for ironing, sewing, washing, packaging and other household needs.

Q: Can we use a kitchen?

A: Unfortunately, we have no separate kitchen for guests. But each room has basic things necessary for cooking: refrigerator, microwave oven, electric kettle and filtered tap water. If you need additional dishes, coffee maker, electric stove or other cooking tools, we can provide it.

Q: Where around I can eat or buy food?

A: At 100 meters there are three catering establishments: fast food, canteen and bistro. Within a radius of 200 meters – six food stores, including a supermarket. If You wish to buy products at night, it is possible in the shop on the opposite side of the street.

Q: What is it – a shared bathroom?

A: This is a very spacious room with shower and toilet combined and in addition another small one. They serve only four numbers, so even in high season no queue at the door.

Q: How often do you clean the room?

A: Entering into Your room, cleaning it up, changing clothes and moving anything inside – all that can be done only at Your request. Daily cleaning will be held if You wish.

Q: Any difficulties with the early departure?

A: With the early departure one has even less difficulties than with the early arrival. You do not even have to wake up staff – just leave the keys in the room door, make another check if anything forgotten, and close the El Rooms door. Hope to meet You again!